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Since its beginnings on the web, The Spalding Studies Home Page has been noted for its presentation of rare and obscure materials relating both to the Rev. Spalding and to early Mormonism. In an effort to make this vast on-line collection more "user friendly," those documents most germane to the Spalding authorship claims have been abridged and placed in the Main Department of the Spalding Studies Library.

Readers browsing through the document abridgments and excerpts in the Library's Main Department may also wish to consult the lengthier e-texts housed in the Library's Special Collections. Here you will find copies of manuscripts and published materials relating to Book of Mormon authorship and Mormon Origins in general, along with links to entire sources dealing with the Spalding authorship claims.

To consult unpublished work-in-process reports and preliminary documents being prepared for eventual formal web-publication, please consult this site's Research Section.

Many of the Library's on-line documents were moved here from the Old Spalding Library (which is now preserved merely as a small archival resource). Please check back often for file updates.

Published materials not in the public domain may be subject to American and international copyright restrictions in their postings as on-line e-texts. Every effort has been taken to post to the Spalding Studies Library only limited excerpts from copyrighted items. Hopefully all such excerpts so posted fall under the "fair use" provisions of copyright law. Should you feel that any particular excerpt from a copyrighted text posted at this web-site exceeds "fair use" provisions, please bring this to the attention of the site host and that particular file will be appropriately revised and re-posted.

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