- Dale R. Broadhurst's  SPALDING  RESEARCH  PROJECT -

The Library of Congress Spalding Manuscript

--- Part 16 ---

"Romance of Celes..." 
A Story Attributed to Solomon Spalding.

pp. 387-405


Section 6th  Excurtion to the Sun.

       Those who have embraced the doctrine of the
omnipotence of inert matter, will now shudder at the
presumptuous intention of visiting that immense and
unfathomable ocean of flame! while their shuddering
proves that the very nonentity of the idea has more
influence on them than the great Sun itself.

    But as we are beyond the precincts of such reasoners,
we will fly to his glowing atmosphere, whence we shall
realize the unspeakable disparity between the powers of
the living God and the pretended laws and honours
of dead matter --  He, who can carry  a beam of light
through millions and millions of miles with the
velocity of lightning, and not suffer it to vary a fraction
from a rectilineal course, is not a servant to dead

  No! "He is the God of the living," "and in him is life,
and the life is the light of men. And altho' the light
shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehendeth
it not," yet light answers to light, and life to life
through the immunity of his power. This sentiment
awoke is us a fervent desire to visit, not only the Sun
itself, but all those planets which bask in the beams of
his benign radiance.

 We mounted up through the boundless ocean of ether,
and before we were aware, our cars were bounding
upon the surface of Mercury's atmosphere. Below us
rolled Mercuy the Sceptre of the Sun, ever waving a
joyful welcome to visitants from Hesperus, to the Sun:
Mercury is the beloved planet, and as his disk is never
visited by those who approach the Sun, we shall omit
the description till we return on our way to Jupiter ---
We were content to ride upon his atmosphere till a,
half revolution left us on our way.   It must be
remembered that the Sun is perfectly white, and that all
his radiating beams continue so, till the smoke and
impurities of the different atmospheres impede some
of the more feeble rays, and suffer only the red, orange
or yellow to penetrate: Hence we sometimes have a
golden, saffron, or a red sun. But we were now flying
through regions of the most volatile ether which
permitted his rays to (------ ) like a fountain let loose
upon the infinite boundaries of chaos to arouse it from
its drowsy oblivion, and in the profusion of its
centuries and (chiliads), to cause thousands of other
worlds to bloom, and sing, and chaunt the song of the
morning stars.

  Our course now was rapid, measured only try the
loftiest strides of the


imagination. Sol was ever before us, magnifying
himself a thousand and a thousand fold, till his
horiz;on was lost in the insignificance of our vision,
and all appeared like a boundless plain. The surface of
his atmosphere was covered with an electrical mist,
about ten yards in depth. This was perpetually
circumvolving on itself in distinct portions;
surcharging and discharging the electric fluid from one
portion to another, as these portions happened to be
positively or negatively charged. Instead of witnessing
that horrible, scorching, and all consuming fire which
the children of wrath have conceived it to be, it was
delightful beyond the powers of description; for in
these circumvolutions of living light, a kind of playful
and happy intelligence seemed sporting in its own
element and proved that the glorious king of day "was
a boundleas ocean of fervent love. Here we were
suffered to suspend our cars and feast our delighted
minds with the pleasing novelty of animated
electricity. Sometimes we were involved in rolling
pillars of white and glowing mist as they bounded over
the translucent atmosphere below..  Sometimes we
mounted over their surface as bubbles of air, or like
watery meteors that impede no law of electricity. We
thought to sing and chaunt the praises of that Divinity
who had built the Solar temple: but the thought was
accepted for the performance and we were justified
when we felt that it was suffcient to behold and adore;
for here the enraptured seraph burns with ceaseless
praise to god, and countless millions shine. ---

   Here is one perpetual day! One perpetual round of
immense light and glory. No star; no planet or satellite,
is permitted to intrude its feeble rays into this vast
expense and fountain, as well as reservoir of light: for
when we were ninety five millions of miles distant his
rays, in broad day light prevented their feeble efforts;
How much more, must a contact with this stupendous
luminary obscure all the other lights of heaven. We
even rejoiced when we remembered that our existence
had commenced far away: for we had brought with us a
slight knowledge of the middle regions between perfect
light and the dark boundaries of chaos.  As there was
no foreign object, no planet or fixed star upon which
we could fasten our vision, we could discover nothing
like a revolution


There was no evident motion except the
circumvolutions of the electrified mist. How long we
remained here, it is impossible to calculate from any
dates of planetary motion or otherwise, for the motion
of this electric mist is never uniform, only on the
whole surface of the atmosphere together. In separate
and distinct portions of this regeon the appearance is
probably never twice alike.

    At length our thoughts turned inward upon that
Divine principle or rather emanation, which
constitutes us their king, knowing, sensitive and active
spirits; and we forgot ourselves and were lost in the
infinite  beatitude of beholding in us the express image
and glory of God.

   A voice as of many waters and mighty thunderings
beneath us summoned us to descend, and immediately
we thronged the golden pavements of the occult city,
where the primeval and Great First Cause of all things
was the light thereof.

   Here, as upon the surface of the glowing atmosphere
above, the city appeared as if built upon a boundless
plain, altho in fact it is built upon a perfect globe.  Such
is the infinite variety of architecture of mansions, gates
and hanging  gardens that; two are never found alike in
the same district. The mansions are all without roofs,
while the walls are mere rods of gold, so wrought into
network as to allow a most beautifully figured gold and
silver lace to conceal the rods:  At every corner and
avenue is a stately gate: These are so beautifully
decorated polished and adornd with pearls and
precious stones, as to give the idea of triumphal arches.

   In whatever portion of this orb you chance to light,
you will find from the surface to the centre; streets;
mansions; gardens; trees shrubs, plants, fountains,
music; and every thing material and ideal; intellectual
and spiritual that can contribute in the least degree, to
fill up that measure of glory and happiness which finite
beings require to satisfy that craving nature & empty
void with which we seem to have been created.

  The city is all laid in squares and districts; each district
contains thirty-six squares; and at the angles where four
districts meet, stands a temple composed of six
triumphal arches overhung with golden (fimbria) or
moss fringe which hangs pendant


and suspends at the bottom, the most fancifully
wrought and varigated little bells of platina, gold and
silver. These temples have six gates one on each side
opening on a deck which is the commencement of a
spiral staircase which leads you down to the Inner
Temple, or central chamber of the city. As we went
down, we found at the extent of every twelve feet, a
gate opening into other (paved) streets where the same
city plot, of mansions, streets, gardens fountains &c.
predominate as above.  Such is the compact state of this
city of many mansions, that the whole geometrical
contents, from the surface to the inner temple, may
strictly, be considered a globe of many cities, or a "house
of many mansions" Here were countless millions
walking to and fro; up and down, in every direction
wherever a highway had been prepared, and among the
rest our own party from Mount Caydarossora were
permitted to visit the Inner Temple and bow before the
great white throne and behold the face of "Him that sat
upon it".

   This was enough -- Nothing henceforth has been
added to or  diminished from that Spark of Divine life,
light and power which has enabled me to perform my
part in that office of Messenger to all parts of his
universe, so necessary for the salvation and happiness
of all his intelligent beings whom he hath called forth
from the dark regions of chaos by his election and
Omnipotent mind.

  As we were Florentines and our names enrolled in
the records of Jupiter, we received our passports,
mounted our cars & with a mighty shout, mounted the
blazing canopy of the city of God and were soon
wending our way to Mercury.

    Here we spent several short days in preparing
ourselves with proper etherial and mathematical
instructions necessary on account of a vast comet
which was about to intersect our path on the way to the
golden planet. We wished to pass through his
luminous trait as near his chaotic nucleous as possible
-- for we anticipated there would be a lively time in the
region of watery meteors.  Mercury is a city, in most
respects like the Sun He is much less luminous, and
infinitely smaller. He flies around that great luminary,
carrying the mansions, towers and observatories of
those happy servants who are devoted to the sublime
telescope of the Universe. This telescope is located in
the inner temple, and is so suspended upon a universal
hinge or pivot as to enable the astronomer to look
through the centre of any one of the spiral stair-cases
and discover every motion of planet or comet in the
Solar system, and even trace out the comet's flight to its
loftiest appelion.

The citizens of Mercury lack nothing within the limits of the
universe to match them equal participants of all the blessings 
bestowed upon those who harp before the great white throne: 
and it is no mokery for them to profess to enjoy the presence 
of that Divinity; who, although enthroned in awful and 
enrapturing majesty in his own glorious orb; yet pervades 
immesnsity with supreme love and Omnipotence; after making 
those telescopic observations which we had conceived were 
necessary we took our departure for the golden planet. --------

S 7th ------ Section Seventh.. Excurtion to Jupiter. ---------        

     Anticipation is the life of enterprize; and notwithstanding 
the mighty round of pleasures; festivities and holy-day 
recreations that may chance to intervene between an 
invitation and a walk; or between a promise and fulfflment; 
we seldom lose sight of the object of our wishes ----- We had 
long since enjoyed the promise of an excursion to a planet 
which I had ever looked upon as a beautiful and sunny spot 
far away: I had looked upon the earth as a place of transient 
probation; and if it had its thousands of delights, it had also its 
ten thousand vexations and I was easily persuaded to leave a 
place where I found no increasing hope and saw no glowing 
expectation, for the sake of that dear star which had so 
frequently absorbed all my thoughts and swallowed up my 
soul: From the date of the first Florentine promise in Detroit, 
to the present glorious moment; every incident  of my life has 
forwarded the enterprize, increased my zeal and  added fresh 
hopes to my bosom. -- The enterprize keeps rising  in 
sublimity and promises fresh felicity; not because I expect to 
see any  greater object, or come in contact  with a mightier 
king  than I have already seen but because I anticipate a share 
in that glory which resounds to the good and faithful, by 
becoming an efficient co-worker in the vineyard of our 
heavenly Father.. A boundless expense of ether was before us, 
and as a golden gem of immense value, hung isolated with its 
beckoning glories in the heavens, Jupiter must now be 
visited.. Our cars were again flying through space and our 
happy and glorified company were once more performing 
those splendid involutions and evolutions which serve to 
amuse and delight with suck an endless va;rfety of forms and 
transformations. ---- Sometimes we resembled two armies 
coming in fearful contact with banners flying as if to engage in 
hostile and bloody battle: sometimes in solemn and majestic 
procession as if attendant on a coronation; but commonly we 
had separate


parties, performing cotillions and sarabands in imitation of
the Aurora Boreallis ------ 

The comet made its appearance in the
direction where we anticipated it would; and we had but just
entered the regions of watery meteors above the dividing 
firmament when his luminous trail enveloped our whole 

We changed our course and pursued this mass of rocks and 
hills that had been thrown from its chaotic bed; for the 
purpose of investigating the nature of that blaze of light which 
seems to extend through so many millions of millions of 
miles. ----- But we found that instead of its having a luminous 
atmosphere, it had no atmosphere at all; and as to its 
temperature it had not heat enough evaporate those meteors 
and globules of water with which it came in contact.. Yet it 
was a source of amusement and instraction to witness the 
effect as it passed through with such tremendous velocity. ----

The water, whether suspended in compact globules or in 
concave spheres, whether large or small, were thrown in all 
directions, radiating from the comets track, and as it advanced 
the water behind continued to radiate and expand from the 
point whence it was thrown, and growing wider and wider, 
the whole takes the form of a cone, having the nucleus, or 
comet itself for the apex -- Here then we found a region 
exactly on the track of the comet without any watery meteors 
--- These had fanned a hollow conical tube, so dense as to 
reflect a little light from the sun and give the comet the fearful 
appearance and name of a blazing star.. We left the comet and 
the watery meteore to obey the impulse they had already 
received and went on our way --

Like all other objects the galden planet increased in apparent 
magnitude in perspective as we approximated toward  his 
smiling countenance:  His four moons were so nearly in a 
direct line with us as to appear almost in contact with each 
other; and while they shone with their own borrowed light 
they seemed to beckon us with a benign token of love; for as 
they had harmoniously devoted their countless revolutions to 
so august a planet, they seemed to say to us: "here upon this 
vast world of ours are infinite delights for you +-- -- Indeed 
we felt to count it all our own, and began to appreciate all its 
blessings as if already there: for our imaginations were swifter 
than our cars: Our thoughts had flown, and before we arrived 
our bosoms contained the prize. -- Larger and wider; and 
widening still on breath: --- Jupiter seemed struggling to out-


strip the Sun, till now his convex sides appeared a plain. -- And 
what of Jupiter? Tis hills and plains and mountains too with 
silvery streams.. A Land of oceans, bays and seas  beside a 
world of forest treea A fine and tempting soil to lure the 
emigrant from baser climes --- A land where fruits and 
melons, grapes and finest wheat and honey bees Combine in 
all their growth luxuriant to make a garden ---- And such a 
garden none have seen, save with the beautious queen  

The queen Hesperus who rides foremost in the train of 
morning stars Here no vile shrub or worthless plant or 
fruitless tree endures The footsteps and the pruning hook of 
holiest culture   For at the root of ev'ry worthless tree the axe 
is laid   And long ago this garden had no herb or shrub 
spontaneous -- Save what a thousand years of culture renders 
such ---

A glorious convoy met us in the upper regions of the 
atmosphere and hailed us in the name and authority of the 
Vicegerant of the Commander in Chief of the Armies of 
Jupiter: --- They were answered by the Prince of Florence at 
the head of our shining battalion in the following style --- "We 
are (those) who come through mighty regions of Ether; from 
a land far away, a land of darkness and moral drought; from a 
world of sin and hypocricy where the common adversary or 
light and happiness controls the affairs of men; and but for 
divine assistance we must have perished and returned again 
to the slumbering elements of chaos = But through Light and 
life and hope, we have visited Hesperus, the inner temple of 
the Great city; have passed the sceptre of the Sun; 
encountered a comet, and now salute the golden plan- et by 
authority from your royal Highness in the name of Florence 
the Prince of Florence" --  "Welcome! thrice welcome thou and 
thine "Welcome to the shady groves and pleasant fields of 
Jupiter -- "And all the warm affections of our bosoms too: We 
feel "As all should feel a glowing sympathy within: that warms 
"And animates a principle of unity and love:  We'll sing "And 
let these new-born souls awake in sweeter climes "Come! Join 
your voices all: Now strike the lyre and let the "sachet note go 
round --- Praise! Praise! Adore! And O! "The joyful sound, Let 
every voice go round, till all our hearts be full

After the concert, we were conducted into the Imperial 
Vineyard, and seated upon evergreen sofas, cushioned with 
the flowering velvet moss of Hesperus. In front of us was a 
broad open pavement of  burnished gold, wrought in the 
beautiful figure of the star of Bethlehem. Over us


was spread a canopy of flowers of beaten gold, and colored to 
imitate the rose of Sharon, the lily of the valey and all the 
choice and variegated blossoms of the garden of Solomon.. A 
company of young and beautiful cherubs were chosen from 
the imperial palace to escort the
Vicegerant from his saloon to the vineyard -- These were 
preceded by a band of twenty-four musicians, with each an 
instrument differing from the rest.. In the midst of the cherubs 
walked the Vicegerant with six hundred cherubss before and 
six hundred behind him -- Three hundred knights with blazing 
ensigns and glittering armour brought up the rear.. The music 
commenced with almost imperceptibly soft and warbling 
symphonies that seemed to float through distant regions of 
ether like some fond wish that whispered in a sigh: then 
fainting in a cadence pitiful as grief; but sobbing in a stronger 
tone and louder still, brought sweet response from all the 
band: Now louder melodies awoke the locomotive steps and 
the procession (moves)... A chair of state, glittering in the 
profusion of its gems and jewels was placed in front of our 
company for the reception of his august person --- The 
procession arrives; the Vicegerant is seated and the ceremony 
of drinking the juice of the grape commences -- I had never 
seen the first Chief Magistrate of the United States and 
Generalissimo of the American army; but his pourtrait had 
been as familiar to my mind, as my nearest neighbor, and the 
recent exhibition of one at Detroit had prepared me for 
recognizing the original at the first glance of the eye -----  And 
here sat Washington in all the pomp and splendour of an 
emperor enjoying immortal honors, for he had gained his 
millions --- -- --

Josephine, in a low voice, observed, "she knew that was 
Washington, but she had thought him of a graver and courser 
mould; but she presumed that the climate  {meaning  moral 
climate} and (future) prospects had a great effect upon the 
moveable spirit of his  countenance".---     

His Etherial Highness arose and received the role of 
enlistments from the hand of Florence, cast his eye rapidly 
over the contents and then called for Lady Wellington, Lady 
Elizabeth, Madam Spencer, and Lady Milan --- These stept 
forth --- "Look on the company," said he.. "Have you seen all 
these?" "We have"-- "Then you will will witness that these (  ) 
drink of the juice of the red grapes with me in those blesst and 
happy fields where sorrow is never known" They drank; and 
while the cherubs (hand- ) ed round the roseate wine to the 
rest of the company, their sprarkling eyes twinkled in the 
golden bowl, and a livelier tune with sweeter notes was never 
played than now danced through the merry fingers of the 
band..  We were all seated ae;aia, and Washington delivered 
the following discourse for our edification, entertainment & 
benefit. ---


"Beloved, I am not the first born among many brethern, but I 
am equal with him; being joint-heir in the kingdom of our 
heavenly Father; and as he  possessed a more glorious planet 
than this; I shall diminish nothing of his inheritance by 
swaying the sceptre of righteousness over this orb as once I 
did over the continent of America. --- I have been faithful over 
a few things and am made ruler over many: -- "The earth is 
the Lords and the fullness thereof.."  So also is that; infinitude 
of worlds which he hath created; and it is not a small thing 
that we are called out of chaos and permitted to behold his 
glorious works == For this purpose hath he given us eyes, the 
meeter piece of all his works and become the happy recipients 
of his grace, and thereby become his children indeed: heirs 
and joint-heirs of immortality

My predecessor has gone to Fomalhaut: has visited Arcturus 
and Orion and when this planet is converted into a city like the 
Sun he will visit Jupiter as one of the mighty angels of God ----

  Furnaces, like volcanoes are now in successful operation in 
the in- terior of the gold mines, fusing; metals and preparing 
mansions like those in the house of God--.. The smoke carries 
up the gross materials, which cannot be used here, and they 
ride upon the upper atmosphere in broad clouds which are 
often seen from the Earth and are there called belts -- In some 
future period these will be elec- trified and envelope the whole 
planet in one (sheet) of white light and the whole body of this 
planet upon which we now stand will be converted into a 
compact city of gold, a house of many mansions and a 
residence for the good and faithful -- Then will Jupiter soar 
away and take an independant station in that endless galaxy 
of the heavens, and his moons will become primary planets 
and at length suns in that endless round of eternity which 
never had a beginning --- I have met you in character at this 
time to bid you welcome and make you equal heirs with me 
in the joys  which our heavenly Father  hath promised to all 
his faithful children: --- You are all invited  to visit me at my 
palace so often as it suits your pleasure and  convenience. 
Forget not the library -- The first book you will  read is the 
Sublime Philosophy of Heaven:  Read this and  forsake not 
its maxims, and wherever you go, the highway of  the Lord 
will be open for you and the fate of Lucifer will not  be your 
catastrophe" -----..  We were dismissed and the,  evening 
dews began to fall, for the Sun had imperceptibly  gone 
down over the western mansions, and although his disk 
did not appear so large as Jupiters smallest moon yet with 
four moons over our heads we felt the want of light. ---


S 8 ---- Section Eighth -- A Ramble ------ ---
  When Sol had once more illuminated the Eastern horizon, 
Josephine and myself  commenced rambling; for we had spent 
the night in reading the first thirty six paragraphs in the 
Philosophy of Heaven; and altho our minds were refreshed 
and our intellects quickened; our bodies, etherialized as they 
were, seemed to demand the invigorating influence of 
exercise: We called at Washington's palace in obedience to his 
request; and instead of imperial garments, he wore the 
common white robe; while his only badge of distinction was  a 
large carbuncle set in jet and surrounded with thirteen jewels 
of the most beautiful and fascinating briliancy: This constituted 
a part of  his crown -- -- We were seated and made welcome in 
a style indicative of that supreme love which conquers and 
subdues the hardest heart makes friends of enemies, and 
bears away the broken heart to the bosom of the Father ---- 
We felt that if there remained upon the Earth a spirit to 
forgive sins, and restore to the bosom or the father, that 
which was lost; the adversary had nearly shrouded that spirit 
in darkness, for the enemies of all righteousness were the 
ruling party there: -----
Washington said they were transcient beings but for the 
grace of God the best of them must perish.. ----   "Yet" said he 
"Philander, Read the Book!. and when the four moons are all 
in conjunction again, give me  another call; for I sent my 
Florence to Detroit on purpose to snatch you from the 
burning (flames) of avarice. Perhaps you would like to be my 
Florence and go on a similar [message]. Here you will have 
nothing to do but read and travel, and amuse yourselves   
And you will not be wanting in materials nor opportunity for 
them -- At the time I mention you will be better qualified to 
answer my proposition, and better prepared for the 
enterprize"  We kissed his hand, took our leaves and went on 
our way rejoicing, singing and conversing. Josephine said I, , 
since we are in possession of the long wished for home, there 
will be no harm in contemplating the time when this planet 
will be in all respects  like the sun..  Mars is a turbulent world; 
but Saturn with his seven moons will soon be like the Sun 
with seven primaries. His smoky belts are now convolving in 
electrical effervesence in the two great rings that appear like 
solid masses of rocks: The inner ring con tains the elements of 
the true fire which is to envelope the planet while the exterior 
one will pass off and dissipate upon the wide abyss of Chaos --
-  "All correct" said Josephine "and by the time that Jupiter will 
have  dissipated all but the pure gold, Earth would be a 
thousand times lost in chaos; had not the promise gone forth 
that there should be a new one" -----  We continued our 
ramble from street to street; from mansion to mansion till we 
had compared several whole districts


with those we had seen in the Solar city; and in general we 
found the difference to consist merely in the difference of 
color and briliancy; owing all to the want of light and 
electricity -- This was supplied however to a sufficient amount 
by electrified lamps --- as this planet was still dependant upon 
the sun, we had no wish to change the order of Nature for the 
sake of a greater luminary; for all things were prepared for us 
& ten thousand more: All that was wanting was more and 
more partakers in the predominant happiness that reigned 
here. -----

We could have settled down in a golden mansion and 
enjoyed the never ending delights of an exalted paradise, had 
we not been partakers of the nature of Him who redeemed 
us. But there were millions behind who needed the aid of 
ministering servants; and while there was room and servants 
enough, qualified for the business, why should we recline in 
the lap of luxury while so many are perishing for want of our 
services.. I told Josephine I believed that the whole universe of 
matter would yet be converted into mansions, gardens and 
vinyards for the blessed and redeemed intelligent beings 
whom God would yet see fit to redeem by his boundless 
grace: if we are called to labor as ministering angels, no doubt 
our enjoyment will increase as our labours enlarge. We cannot 
go beyond the embrace of that love which is so all powerful as 
to harmonize a boundless universe --- Where ever we walked 
we met with shining faces, flowing robes and glittering 
coronets, emblematical of that conquest which ever attends 
the good and faithful. The recollection of that glowing 
company which visited us upon Mt. Caydarossora, and that 
immense convoy which went down from Jupiter at the time, 
encircling the whole earth as a glorious halo of intellectual 
light,--, and the animated narrations of Lady Elizabeth upon 
the octagon, began to kindle up in our bosoms a warm desire 
to see, upon this delightful planet, those faces which had 
smiled upon us with such unspeakable joy upon another 
We retraced our steps to the palace to inquire of the Notary 
What method we should have to take in order to see certaixa 
persons of our acquaintance whom we wished to converse 
with -- The door of the office was open, and as we came up, 
De Medicus Mont Cary, the adopted son of Washington, came 
forth and bid us welcome.. "Let me tell you" said he "the 
Florentine Heroes whom I have the honor to represent at this 
time, will appear this evening in front or the palace, and 
(there) with unusual briliancy will be celebrated, in 
commemoration  The signal conquest over the powers of 
darkness in the Caverns of Bath --- You will be present, and 
the faces you delight to see, and the characters you delight to 
honor, will be present and you will be greeted personally & 


We returned to our ovn mansion {for it is lawful to claim the 
first we enter} and its galleries were thronged with cherubs 
with their golden harps singing and playing as we entered the 
gate  "As worlds on worlds above redundant roll in heavenly 
harmony "And each to each (------------) respect maintains; 
so moved the wheels "The ancient Patriarch beheld.. A wheel 
within a wheel.. "A world within a world, and yet another 
firmament.. "Forget the broad galaxy cannot tell how many 
worlds there are.. "If system roll on system, all may well 
unite.. for why "If God sustains them all, shall not his power 
the harmony preserve?   "So we shall sing his praise, and 
when ten thousand times ten thousand "Years are up, our 
singing is but just commenced.. Sing on! Sing on, "While here 
Philander and his Josephine can testify what love "And what 
celestial spirits wait to greet them with their smiles:: "Oh! Blest 
of heaven! for now you know what fearful distance "God can 
reach with messengers of love to grasp his dear ones "From 
the despoiling hands of Satan and his fierce banditti. ----- While 
yet they sung, a chariot of fire Came blazing through the air, 
and soonthe happy train were far away  And in our blissful 
musings we oft enjoy the selfsame harmonies

S 9th ---------......  Section Ninth. ------- The celebration

The Sun had declined behind the western belt which 
had been thickening and gathering blackness for several hours; 
which circumstance in connection with four moons in quartile 
with each other, is always the signal for a grand and universal
turn-out for an aerial excurtion throughout both hemispheres:

And in whatever region this phenomenon happens, there 
they first begin and follow up the Sun till the whole population of 
the planet are collected in one vast company:  All mount their 
cars and with harp in hand, soar away upon the atmosphere.. 
And if we had never witnessed the same company encircling the 
earth I presume we should never have seen it here:  But being 
already in anticipation of something extraordinary, I told 
Josephine that the evening celebration would probably 
consummate all our wishes respecting the golden planet, and 
the blessed privilege of  seeing those dear friends whose anxious 
bosoms had so frequently  sympathized with ours . -- "Yes," 
said Josephine "and that dear Mother Lady Elizabeth, whose 
countenance smiles upon us with such benign radiance
sets my heart to glowing with raptures every time she passes 
in review! Could I be conscious that my presence produced 
equal felicity in any bosom in the universe, it seems that my 
bliss, altho' perfect now


would be increased a thousand fold, for it seems that the glory 
of bestowing happiness must be infinitely more exalted than 
that of receiving." ---"Yes, said I, and we read in the 
philosophy of heaven that "God's benevolence is paramount 
to his power and will, and is the prime motive of all his 
actions,, and in this does his happiness consist,, for no wise 
beingcan be perfectly happy without participants" ------ at 
length a shout the united voices of millions, like the voice of 
Jehovah, burst upon the air at once, and in a moment we were 
on our fiery chariots sailing over the tops of the temples and 
witnessing the (egress) of myriads as they came bounding 
from the winding stairs.. 

It seemed as if every temple was a volcano sending forth her 
legions to the battle of the great day of the Lord.. Each had his 
golden harp and glowing lamp besides our chariots were 
seven times more luminous than usual == Our ascent was 
gradual, but our speed was like the firey meteor in order to 
compass half the circuit of so great a world in time to enjoy 
the amusements and festivities of the evening celebration ----- 
The way was broad..

But yet the present view of North and South; wide as it 
seamed,Could not contain us all; for opticks without telescopic 
tubes Can never compass Jupiter: And then the circling turn 
From pole to pole outreaches the optician's skill.. --------   But 
'twas enough, our army had no bounds apparent ---For all the 
space before, behind, on right and left was full And like a 
living flaming, sapient ocean all appeared. ---

The sun was totally eclypsed by Jupiter's second moon: the 
first had set, and the third was behind us In the east  this was 
soon to be obscured by the dense belts of smoke over our 
heads.--- "See there" said Josephine." What singular 
phenomenon is going on there?" I looked and large beheld a 
beast with seven heads and ten horns and a mean of small 
stature leading it, exactly in the direction of the Sun: --------- 
"What means all this" said Josephine  "I thought we had 
escaped the powers of darkness by coming to a world of light; 
yet I have no apprehensions of ill, for I suspect His Aerial 
Majesty, King Decoah is there playing up some of his tricks of 
Legerdemain--." It is even so" said De Staal  for he had just 
come along side "It is even so; the servant in livery will not fail 
to amuse us this evening I'll assure you..  I have a part in this 
celebration too:  Here! follow me"We followed, and 
immediately the Heroes of Bath and Caydarossora were 
separated from the rest and were seen rushing to the 
battlefield like a brave battalion of grenadiers In the cause of 


We mounted up, and as we approached, the aerial monster 
stood aghast for a moment vith fear and trembling: But 
surveying the length of his chain and the dwarf at the other 
end, he shook his heads and rattled his horns, then pounced 
upon us like a tiger upon her prey, while we brushed him 
with electric shocks from our chariot wheels till he roared out 
most lustily: His forces as yet were concealed in the thick 
cloud; but his (outeries) rallied thence,  When a sulphurous 
volcano opened from the under surface of the thick vapours 
and legions of furies were let loose upon us: ---- These, 
although dressed in the most horrible and fantastical 
uniform(s)  seemed limited in their power as well as their 
royal master and had no other effect upon us than to excite 
our merriment

We moved off, taking a circuit on a swift motion for ten or 
fifteen miles round --- This gave the enemy a chance to 
reinforce, and having seen the powerful effects of fire, he 
ordered out his whole army artillery and ammunition, which 
so exhausted the magazines of the western belt that the light 
of the Sun, {altho' but just emerging from the eclypse}  began 
to break through and expose the whole extent of his power

We came up and renewed the attack: His cannon of eleven 
hundred pieces were all charged, and the beast, at the end of 
his chain stood with a match in his paw to fire the signal gun..  
He only waited for us to come within reach of his shot+  But 
while we were confounding his ranks and throwing his 
hideous squads into confusion by such an intolerable glare of 
light they could not withstand, he applied the match; and 
whether the guns were aimed directly at us or not, we cannot 
tell: ---  His cartridges were wrapped in course Iinnen paper 
and labeled thus: "The bulls of the pope to impede all false 
lights that do not proceed directly from our most serene and 
pontifical inspection".. The noise was tremendous, but before 
the smoke and stench were dissipated the noise was forgotten 
--- Each of us had secured a cartridge paper with the 
expression of the Pope, and again we retired fran the field to 
give them a chance to prepare for another assault, for "altho' it 
was (death) for them, it was sport for us" ----. while on our 
retreat we converted these papers into electrified rockets, and 
charged them from the wheels of our chariots: We advanced 
slowly and cautiously, harping the dirge of the Fallen Enemy, 
and eating downward we beheld the innumerable multitude 
enjoying the spectral warfare in great hilarity + They had 
formed the great involution of state and were revolving 
around one common centre like the revolving amphitheatre 
in the eliptical cavern.. The great mass of ( ------ ) in their 
chariots had risen


one above another extending and sloping back like an 
ampitheatre, till the last member of the great family just filled 
up the compliment-- They formed, as one may imagine, a vast 
luminous vase, and in this performance, {standing as they did, 
so many thousands deep at the base, and diminishing in 
column upward} their tactics required double ranks so that 
while one approached the centre the other receded; and this 
went on with such amazing briskness that every one became 
in his turn a near spectator to the aerial combat --- As soon as 
the seven headed monster discovered that he was a mere 
object of ridicule, and that there was no eye to pity him, he 
roared out in despair and his forces disappeared: ---  He now 
made a desperate effort to escape, but the dwarf held him fast 
and let him up for our inspection

De Stall asked him "what he most desired"  He said that if he 
possessed universal empire over one planet he would be 
satisfied He had tried his arts of usurpation in various ways; 
but never succeeded so well as when he sold indulgences for 
crime to get money to build up his church;  For the want of 
the genuine unction of the holy spirit, he had assumed the title 
of Holiness; and for many years the title, with a few pompous 
trappings were all he thought he ever should need; but since 
some one has blundered into the truth and exposed the fraud 
his success has been rather wavering..  DeStaal asked him 
"what he would try next if they would unchain him and let 
him go." "I will throw fire brands" said he "every where and 
get the protestants into such confusion that they will be glad 
to come back to my standard where I skhll make them believe 
there is power, protection and money too." DeStaal told the 
dwarf, that seeing  this was an aerial spectre and could never 
be permitted to set foot upon Jupiter he might snap the chain: 
The dwarf sprung back upon the chain and et was instantly 
hurled aloft in ten thonsand pieces where it  disappeared with 
the monster in the smoky belt-- The cloud became  dense and 
the darkened canopy added a fresh lustre to the blazing  
celebration bellow. We now Formed little family groups and 
after receiving King Decoah, who had chained the monster, 
we came down in  the spiral deseent. -- Tables were set in one 
crf the gardens ard fhe  heroes of Bath and Caydarossora 
were fed upon the delicate fruits of  that blest planet of light -- 
far away:  After the feast,, Lady Elizabeth  came and seated 
herself by the side of Josephine and said "she wished  her 
darling daughter was only conscious of the infinite delight she  
enjoyed in her presence, especially when one felt the glowing 
influ-  ence of her smiles:" "It seems" she addcdd "that heaven, 
after all  is located in the human heart: for my soul is never so 
full as  when that fountain of bliss is poured out for me in that 
heavenly coun-


countenance of yours." "Now" said Josephine "I am satisfied, 
This is what I sought: The delights of heaven dwell mostly in 
the etherlal spirit; that refined intellect which drinks deep of 
the fountain of pure sensibil(ity) and love, and from the purity 
of its nature must always escape the observation and elude 
the grasp of its enemies: Such joys are rich and none can so 
well appreciate their value as he who is redeemed from a 
chaos of sin" I looked up and Lord Duncan and his Lady, Gen. 
Towner, Esqr. Marlborough, Dr. Marlborough, Madam 
McPhelon and a large company of wives sons and daughters; 
and finally the whole group from the Florentine caverns at 
Bath and Caydarossora were present and on tip toe for social 
chitchat. Their bosoms also were glowing with the same flame 
of love and happiness; and none seemed delinquent in the 
delightful duty and pleasure of imparting to others that bliss 
which language is designed to communicate. Lord Duncan 
asked Lady Duncan"if she was cured or her partiality for 
England" "Yes! yes! you know I am" said she, "for how could I 
get here in a British packet?   One ride upon a fiery chariot is 
worth more than the whole British empire" ---- Dr. 
Marlborough said he was afraid to look back upon the twin 
planets lest he should behold the spectre of the Lady of 
Barleyfields, and he was sure that such a vision would make 
him dizzy as ever and he should capsize his car, however well 
it might have been electrified. ---- The Three female knights 
repeated the history of their captivity in true theatrical style.. 
sang a song, and the celebration was ended ---

S 10th         Section Tenth:  Visit at the Gold Mines        

The first e;lympse of daylight was accompanied by a halo of 
prismatic colors radiating frum a bow like the rainbow in the 
west produced by the ascending vapors and smoke from the 
volcanic furnaces in the gold mines, reflecting beams of the 
rising Sun.. --- The celebration broke up in the most perfect 
order and harmony and our party, led on by DeStaal repaired 
immediately to the mines --- It was not so distant but that we 
reached the scene of operations a little before sunrise + We 
found nothing here peculfarly different from the other 
districts of the great city, save only the cupolas of the furnaces 
which took the places of the temples that led down into the 
winding staircases: -- Here was a territory nearly three 
hundred miles square sending up smoke and vapours from 
many thousands of cupolas: There vapours ascended in 
beautiful columns of curling, twisting and expanding as they 
mounted the atmosphere, till they all united in one broad and 
dense cloud: "Here" said De Staal "is the fountain from which 
arise the broad belts of Jupiiter" --- Here were streets, 
mansions, gardens, golden walls as in other parts, and


there was no fear nor appreheasion of any disaster, for even 
these volcanos    were subect to skillful masters whose 
business it was to superintend those powerful Galvanic 
batteries below which subjected every material to a smelting 
and refining operation..  At a little distance from these cupolas
were temples and winding stairs that led us down to the 
crucibles and smelting kettles -- Here we witnesses 
tremendous operations..

In some of these furnaces, the very brine of the sea and salt 
from the mines were converted to smoke; while in others the 
primitive granite, hornblende, silex, and marble were 
decomposed -- Every thing finally gave way to the astonishing 
powers of Galvanic Electricity which was here displayed in all 
its glory and demonstrated the tenth of the  olden apothegm 
that there is  fire enough in the planets to  consume them. ----
And how consoling it is  to reflect, that even "in wrath God 
will remember mercy" and spare, and even renew those 
planets he has doomed to destruction; for John saw in 
prophetic vision even a new heaven and a new Earth for  the 
first had passed away as a scroll Here interpolate Note 1st 
( -------- )  {As often as a sufficient vacancy was made, golden 
walls and mansions, streets, gardens, temples, and staircases 
were erected with the precious metal obtained by these 
operations}: Thus was Juplter suffering a renovation and 
passing away as a scroll, and in its place was erecting a golden 
city like unto the  city of the Most High: We were surprised to 
discover that this business instead of being laborious was 
most delightful employment: The great society who labour in 
the mines are privileged  {if posslble above all others; because 
they have only to march from place to place, harping and 
singing praises to God; and occasionally moving the 
conductors of the batteries + We now visited the inner 
Chamber in the centre of the planet: -- This was a spherical 
cavity about one mile in diameter encased in pure gold and 
richly bedecked with jewels and gems, too beautiful and 
glorfous to admit a description; and which even the powers of 
the human imagination are infinitey too feeble to conceive.. 
The moment we entered we discovered that the direction of 
gravitation was reversed -- and this beautifully decorated 
casing at once became a pavement under our feet: Wherever 
we walked we seemed to be at the bottom and on the inside 
of a concave globe, our feet always embracing the pavement 
and our heads pointing to the centre --
The only piece of furniture in this inner chamber was a 
quadruple temple thirty cubits long and its length, breadth, 
and height were equal, while its construction gave it the 
appearance of four temples in contact. This temple consisted 
of wals and seats arranged in the form of an altar, or rather 
like an amphitheatre reversed; for the outer seats were lowest 
whire the others rose one above another


 like the steps of an altar.. Above was a deck or platform 
upon which stood a great white throne, +++  to describe 
which is impossible. It is sufficient to say that its workmanship 
displays infinite skill and strikes the beholder's imagination 
with a quiatus never to be forgotton Those who are permitted 
to see it once, never attempt to seek out a new invention to 
supply its place on the presumption that a more splendid seat 
could be constructed  Here sat enthroned the Commander in 
Chief of the armies of Jupiter; to all appearances a mere man;  
but of celestial beauty having a glowing and changing 
countenance which seamed to respond to every holy 
aspiration in the universe: He was not the Creator of the 
Universe but was one of his agents whom he delighted to 
honor ---

In fact tis England's pride   To crown his honored head with 
laurels quite immortal   For not a spot has marred the name of 
Alfred.. --------------------   And if in due gradation, souls 
immortal rise   'Tis time to find him ruling in the skies And 
while his rule extends to subjects without blemish   Now blest, 
and how auspicious must his reigning be --------

Here we were all seated, and for the purpose of becoming 
adepts in the art of translocating the intellect from ourselves 
to others in order to perceive the thoughts of the heart; we 
suffered ourselves to be thrown into a profound sleep + Here 
we forgot every thing; even our very existence; and for the 
time being knew no difference between empty space and the 
mountain of adament -- When we awoke from this lethargy, 
we found ourselves surveying the thoughts and intentions of 
the leading personages of Europe and America; especially 
those politico-ecclestical usurpers who design to obtain "all the 
kingdoms of the world and the "glory of them" by one act of 
supreme reverence to Satan   When we had looked, and 
looked in vain in the human (heart) for an end of these things, 
we desired no longer to be mere spectators, but asked 
immediately for permission to rescue as many as possible 
from the grasp of the enemy. Our petition was granted and 
we received our verbal commissions accompanied with a 
charge in the following words from the throne: "Beloved, By 
this time you must have perceived by every evidence of the 
intellectual soul and the etherial spirit, "that God is a spirit, and 
they that worship him must worship in spirit and in truth" 
You are exhonerated from all outward formalities.. for the 
Divine Presence will forever witness with your spirits that you 
are his children; heirs to the liberties of the saints and 
ministering angels: --


You are commissioned like the angel of God who went before 
the Israelites "to keep them in the way," in whom was the 
name of the living God, and who bore that sacred name upon 
Mount Sinai, before whom the priests and seventy of the 
elders of Israel appeared.. Your duty will ever be distinctly 
manifest, being dictated by the immediate inspiration of the 
Holy Spirit who being every where present and and knowing 
all things will not fail to communicate all that knowledge you 
may require to execute  those benevolent designs you 
propose --- The vicegerant will give those special directions 
which appertain to the western continent of that planet you 
intend to visit; and should he see fit to send  one of your 
member to the Earth's Satellite to illuminate "the spirits in 
prison" it will be optional with Philander, who conceived such 
a design while on the planet of the preserved Antideluvians 
Our greatest enemy on those planets where he is not 
subdued, appears under the banners of religious politics; but 
there is no dificulty in distinguishing  between an earthly, 
avaricious, sensual and devilish kingdom and the one that is 
not of such a world ---  The one leads to chaos & anarchy, and 
the other to eternal light and glory  "Look up" said he "and 
behold the glory of the annointed of the Lord whom he hath 
been pleased to exalt!  We looked up and saw twelve shining 
dignitaries with unparalleled beauty and grace, and crowned 
with the laurels of  martyrdom; the principal of whom was 
Lady Jane Gray. These were attended by a hundred and forty 
four cherubim, shining singing and harping as they passed in 
review three times around the outer court of the temple. ---- 
The appearance of Lady Jane in every respect, was calculated 
to inspire ones mind with the most exalted views of the 
human character, when nurtured by the Fostering hand of 
that guardian genius which was origlnally designed to elevate 
the standard of human greatness, and place mankind above 
the influence of temptation. She was of that dignified and 
serene model of intellect, and that spiritual sublimity which 
excites the envy and jealousy of baser beings and brings down 
the vengeance of the assassin. Unfortunate upon the Earth, 
but Princess Etherial among the Cherubim and Seraphim Her 
robe was of the most perfect whiteness, and xxx  ornamented 
upon its borders with treble rows of orange blossoms just 
beginning to expand. Her head was crowned with a white 
diadem wreathed with laurel and having six spires tiped with 
carbuncle so as to resemble briliant drops of blood just ready 
to fall. The trail of her robe was borne upon the fingers of six 
cerrubs or exquisite beauty who were continually singing and 
smiling and receiving from her gracious countenance the 
reciprocal return


When we left the temple, Lady Jane and her retinue 
oonducted us once around the inner chamber, and our walk 
was attended with the most deligfitful music imaginable. 
When we were exactly opposite to the temple we looked 
directly overhead for  in order to see it, and from this point it 
appeared as if suspended from the key of a great arch.. -----   
When we came to the front of the temple, a door was opened 
through the pavement, and our chariots being in readiness we 
took our departure for the upper surface of Jupiter. ------

And 'twas no lonely voyage, --- For streets and gardens, 
temples, mansions and vocal choirs Salute our band on every 
side, while purlfng fountains flow And flowing greet ten 
thousand fountains more And in the mighty round leave not 
one garden dry Nor yet a mansion destitute + Such is the 
never ending (cha    ) That when we sound the depth of 
Jupiter or scale the lofty heights With fiery pinions; 
surmounting the etherial blue, tis all the same For God who 
fashioned us just like himself knows what we are And how to 
make the universe our home, and home delightful

It was so ordered that we emerged from the interior to the 
surface at the temple near Washington's Palace; a delilghtful 
incident when we remember that the gold mines are located 
on the opposite side of the planet; making our passage 
through the planet on a direct line. ---    

S 11th   Section Eleventh   The Lunar Feast -----

Time, such as happy souls forget to count, rolled on And in 
the twinkling of a few short months the silvery moons The 
satellites of Jupiter once more arose in contact most apparent 
And while the signal for sublime display held out, The armies 
of the Living God appear in bright array, and all With one 
accord mount up and soar away for heavenly recreation.. --       

The Palace of the Vicetgerant seemed to know my walk For 
on their hinges even doors and shutters turn, as I approached 
the (dwelling) For I had come a sacred charge to take, to bear 
away to mortals Even what the Noble Washington would 
send in heartfelt love To those who seek a country blesst with 
all the joys of life immortal...

   Now, while the atmosphere is buoying up its millions, 
floating on, My Josephine pursues the etherial flight to join the 
blest Elizabeth And I am left to play a separate part where 
Washington directs "My son" said he, for now I sat, before his 
chair of state" "My Florence For such I call those heroes whom 
I choose to sead to that sad world Cheer up  for honors of a 
thousand fold await your labours And on another planet must 
your harvest grow till quite matured.. ----


"Your voice must whisper in the breeze, while list'ning 
consciences awake "And list'ning oft will catch the sound of 
inspiration. Then is your time "Let not the precious moment 
pass, 'tis yours, and all their thoughts are thine "Be gentle, 
perssive; yet, let the all-searching truth divide the spoil --- 
"And what is built on pomp and avarice is Satans own, for he 
"Vile wretch, spurs up his minions to build themselves a 
church -- "And what they lack in splendid dress and trappings, 
they now contrive "To take by virtue of their piety; and thus 
the poor are robbed, and thus "The chains of darkness are 
made ten thousand times more strong "The poor in spirit and 
the meek and they that mourn are jewels ---- "Snatch them as 
brands from the burning flames and give them holy shelter..   
"In some lone cave or mountain top till they can have a 
convoy   "Now take this roll and haste away" -----------------

I took the roll and bowd, and soon the belts of Jnpiter.. .. .. 
With all the smoking phantoms of the atmosphere sunk down 
And far beneath my feet rolled Jupiter in light effulgent.. ------- 
Soon I was numbered with the throng while myriads & 
myriads of gay battalions  join the troop to fly to distant 
worlds To sound glad news of joy and peace and point the 
way to heaven..

As on we passed we formed a halo oft, sometimes a ring  
Encircling as it were a world, for all was pastime & 
amusement Altho a world of wo demands our speediest 

We passed the sceptre of the Sun, then Queen Hesperus, and 
flying on We hailed Mars and spanned the smoky rings and 
viwed the moons Then walked the golden streets of Saturn; 
But the twin planets smoking yet And burning with the rage 
of Lucipher demands a speedy succour. --- We now surround 
the Moon and young Philander with a chosen band Alights & 
the old mountain ov'r the vale of diamonds embraced our feet

There were but twelve of us who stopped at the Moon, and as 
we designed to commence with the Florentine Missions here, 
we decided upon this mountain as the most eligible location 
for our rendezvous. ---

After taking a critical survey of every point and crevice: every 
opening and avenue; we fixed upon a beautiful cavern about 
thirty feet above the diamond hearth for our permanent 
residence.. We soon commenced singing and harping the 
Florentine Song in the Noetic language.. ---- When we had 
finished the performance our ears were saluted with hundreds 
of voices from the Diamond hearth.. We looked; and behold! 
The inhabitants were holding a feast in commemoration of 
our former visitation --- We heard their fervent ejaculations to 
God for his mercies.  We heard their superstitious 
incantations and numberless vain oblations We saw  them eat 
their bitter herbs with tears and our souls were moved . ---


We kept ourselves concealed from their observation till they 
had afflicted themselves many hours, when they were about to 
sacrifice the eldest son of their Chief to propitiate the Divine 
favour and persuade  the Divinities of heaven to bless them 
with another visit, for the former  one had set their souls on 
fire for the love that pervaded the upper realms. 

------ A young prince was brought forward amidst grievous 
lamentations  and sighs, and while the women were screaming 
and tearing their hair from their heads; and while every thing 
bespoke the highest degree of grief & horror ---

As the instrument of death was raised, a blast from our 
golden trumpets put a stop to the fatal blow; and 
notwithstanding their fervent petitions for our reappearance 
they fled like so many wild foxes, leaving their victim bound 
hand and foot upon the altar.  We flew to his  rescue, unloosed 
his bands and claimed him as our prisoner, knowing that from 
the nature of the conquest he must feel himself under infinite 
obligations to that power who preserves the universe and 
is abundantly able to save to the uttermost all who put their 
rust in him. ---

And indeed his gratitude seemed to have no bounds, and 
altho' he was the only one in the vast congregation destitute 
of superstition, and was an unwilling sacrifice; yet he was 
the first, and for a long time the only convert to the 
Sublime Philosophy of heaven. ---

We conducted him to our cave where he related all the 
particulars respecting the conduct of the Lunarians after our 
first visit to that planet..

He said, "From that time to the present, there, had been a 
great strife and stir among the inhabitants, Some believing 
and more disbelieving the report of the witnesses, till the 
believers claimed the honor of having been visited by Abel 
and his sainted friends; and accused the unbelievers of being 
the unregenerate descendants of Cain whose offering God 
refused to accept --

This was leading to such a mighty conflict that the King 
ordered the sacrifice of a human being that all might be 
satisfied whose offering would be the most acceptible: 
The king's orders were particularly offensive to all the 
unbelievers, and to exhibit their malice in the true spirit of 
Cain, they seized up me, the kings only son and heir and 
would have slain me the next moment had you not 
interfered.. It was their design after the sacrifice to feast 
and make merry in order to banish from the whole 
kingdom every thought of a superstitious nature: -- 
We were followed by hundreds of witnesses and believers 
whose prayers, incantations and groans you heard."

"And as we are a people very subject to superstitious dread, 
there is not much wonder that all as one left the premises, 
and especially the believers in the vision as we called it, for, 
after the first impulse of fear was gone they would probably 
all have been slain! ----- This event filled the whole kingdom 
with consternation, while the


story spread even to our antipodes on the Circle islands, and 
was now believed by all parties. The king was exhonourated 
from censure andwas thought by some to have been directed 
by divine inspiration. ---

After a long time the public' teachers were called upon to 
give their views upon the subject; and lest there should be a 
clashing of sentiments, they postponed the subject till they could 
hold a general conference; for it was well known that two 
distinct sects could not long exist in the kingdom of the Moon. 
The conference met at the Garden of Eden, and after a long and 
tedious controversy, it was agreed to adjourn to  the Valley of 
Diamonds, and should the Divine Messengers reappear and 
explain the object of their missions they would abide the
testimony without any further discussiosn ----

During all this time our captive was learning and making 
great strides in the etherial sciences; and as he was already the 
greatest prodigy in tbe realm, we determined to put him 
forward in the ministration of good tidings to the children of 
darkness and error; believing that as many as knew him 
would  would  reverance him as their prince at least
and would be the  more ready to believe him on that 
account.. ---

At length the conference met, and all the learning and ability 
of the Antedeluvians were displayed in the true poetic and 
laconic style of Moses and the Prophets. They related the 
tradition of the flood, of the ark and the preaching of Noah 
whom the people looked upon as a mad man or a fool; but 
now they were ready to receive

instruction from heaven; They were ready to believe in one 
God if he would at this time manifest himself as he did on the 
day they were about to sacrifice the young prince,   Lamech, 
our captive, heard them with evident sorrow for their 
blindness and impatience toward them for their ingratitude 
for what God had already bestowed upon them; and waiting 
till they were about to break up the conference  and depart in 
the most total unbelief, he stept forth.

"Behold your sacrifice," said he --- "Know you not that God
accepted the offering of Abel and rejected that of Cain, for 
which he was wroth and slew his brother?" ----  "I say, behold 
your offering!

This very sacrifioe you offered in wrath and get God has been
pleased to accept it even at your bloody hands! And now you
say if God will appear to you as he did when you were about
to slay  your prince you will be ready to believe the witnsses --

Were not your fathers guilty of deriding and gainsaying the
preaching of Noah: Yet, if God should appear to you as he
did to your fathers you would all be drowned: Do you, who 
are witnesses yourselves dare to distrust the evidences 
you have already seen


You are the ordained teachers of the people, and should 
you  declare to them your unbelief in evidences which they 
have seen, what profit can they receive from your preaching? 
Will they believe against the evidences of their own senses?  
And again let me ask, What caused this commotion of the 
whole world? Was it a dream, a mere vision of fancy, a 
phantom of the imagination; or has some one (warned)
you to flee from the wrath to come? Be careful! The sacrifice 
of yourprince may lead to disquietudes of a political character, 
and where then will stand the ancient dignity of the 
priesthood: Sirs, the time has come when the preaching of 
Noah, the ancient of days shall be  heard in the land, and the 
desolation of the flood shall awake to your shame and 
confusion, and the  witnesses testimonies of heaven 
which you now strive to invalidate and impeach shall appear 
in full force and virtue before the whole world whom you are 
ready and willing to deceive and lead into still greater darkness 
and error. -------

You would shut out the last ray of divine light from 
yourselves and the world, and if possible deceive the angles of 
heaven; all for the sake of that fiendish domination which the 
professed teachers exercise over the children of  men + instead 
of being the servants of the Most High; you determine to lord 
it over God's heritage and make this world your  kingdom, 
and its beggarly elements your glory: Whereas the children of
light seek a better country, a heavenly home; where pain and 
wo can never come: You not only sacrifice your prince, but 
you sacrifice all -- even a world of glory, and by some blind 
infatuation forfeit your own eternal peace and happiness: I wish 
you could declare to me your prince, the philosophy upon which 
your hope or happiness is built.

When temporal things shall have passed away with this 
generation, what will be your state, If in this life only you have
hops, where then will be your rest?" Their chief speaker rose up 
and said -- 

"Sir, we have great reverence for your Royal Highness and 
would gladly humble ourselves befor(e) you on account of 
the sceptre which your royal father sways over both the secular 
and ecclesiastical destinies of this his happy realm; but we seek a 
sign; we want still greater evidence that God in heaven has 
power over the minds and consciences of men, and that the 
vision which he has sent is absolutely for our future benefit and 
glory: For if that is not the case, we shall lose all without an 
equivalent, for unless we stifle the present tumult we shall now
lose the priesthood at any rate: And should the story of the 
vision prove true, all will know it from the least to the greatest 
and our craft will be reduced to a song +  Lamech continues: 

"What sign do you ask, that yell have not already seen? Do you 
suppose another


sacrifice would now be accepted from your guilty hands? 
Nor your smarting consciences forbid the open blasphemy; 
yet as  modestly as you presume to ask another  for  sign, the 
act is in fact more impious than the sacrifice you made: -- 
You add sin to blasphemy, and there is not one amongst 
your proud numbers worthy the privilege of beholding
that grace and condescension which you have all ready seen. 
Our fathers in the days of Noah were in great prosperity; and 
while the teachers were the greatest cutthroats in the universe, 
adding wealth to wealth and power to power till the "Earth 
was full of violence," they heeded not the signs of the times 
nor the prophecying of that good man whom the Lord sent 
to save the world: -- but rushed headlong into every species 
of iniquity, laden with the prayers and vain oblations
of the hypocrites who go down to hell with the nations that 
forget God! Will not the privilege of believing in God and 
becoming partakers of his holy nature and thus inheriting 
everlasting life and the kingdom of the saints, be an 
equivalent for all the transitory pomp and power which you 
vainly suppose you possess here? By what frail tenure do you 
hold your own lives. -- A moment as it were and all is gone --  
Had you but the least hope that you should enjoy the company 
of that blest vision as you call it, and are now striving to ridicule 
you would hasten to seek the mercy and favor of the God of 
the living; for the  the  god in whom you put your trust is not 
the God of the living -- but is Mammon, the power of avarice 
and the glory of the prince of this world" ----------

Lamech now proposed that all believers should separate 
themselves from the unbelievers and come out from among 
them: -- The request was cheerfully complied with by a small 
number, to whom he addressed himself as follows: 

"God hath seen fit in his infinite mercy to elect you, as be has 
chosen others from the distant planets of the universe to his 
own glorious purposes; as vessels of mercy, intelligent, 
intellectual and spiritual vehicles, to convey his word to those 
who sit In darknesswhich (now) he promises to make 
powerful unto salvation, to all who believe. The evidence of 
your belief will will  always be present to deliver you from 
temptation and the powers of darkness, and in due time you 
will share the glory of our heavenly father in heaven and sit 
with him in his everlasting kingdom: -- Being second to my 
ather the king, I make you my priests taking the Bishopric 
from unbelievers and gainsayers and giving; you power over 
the spirits of the air, and power to convert souls

by the excellency of truth without the vain pomp of wealth & 
power -- for these have ever had their minions in the darkest 
of times..-- .. -- ..

The unbelievers perceiving that God had determined to 
show his power


in the temporal kingdom by changing the ancient 
priesthood which had always gone hand in hand with the 
kingdom of this world, began to look about for the means and 
measures to sustain as long as possible, the tottering fabric; 
and before they left the valley of Diamonds it was determined 
that their chief speaker should assume the name and office of 
prince Lamech and ursurp the throne of his father and claim 
the powers of heaven and hell,  and as fast as possible to
annihilate all Florentfnss and their followers.  They left the 
mountain and pushed forward with all speed for the Circle 
Islands, for here upon the Garden of Eden was the Royal palace; 
but before they arrived, the Circle Islands and all that vast 
Archipelago beonging to the royal family were converted and 
were sending out Florentine teachers in every direction --- 

We received those few who choses to follow us through the 
trackless void to the city of many mansions; and gave them a 
temporary home in our beautiful cave. Their numbers are 
continually increasing, with a shining prospect of a complete 
renovation of that race who escaped the desolation of the 

The last intelligence we have from those stubborn members 
of the lunar Synod they had mostly committed suicide and left 
the field like vanqueshed Jews who prefered death by their own 
hands to a captivity by gentiles whom they professed to 
despise -- Lamech proposed to convert (the) whole mountain, 
which had once been the basis of a vast watery meteor, that 
almost depopulated the Earth and peopled the Moon; into a
Florentine temple which should be a lasting fortress for the 
good and faithful, till the fullness of those times  which are  
required to make this planet an everlasting mountain of 
holiness, and a city of many mansions --shall come in ----

The proposal was acceded to unanimously and the work is 
going on by day and by night amidst the  shouts of praise and 
the melodies of the golden harps: -- Having revolutionized the 
Lunar kingdom and established a priesthood of the order of 
Melchisedec we joined the armies of Jupiter as they were again 
making suit to the Earth

We first set foot upon the Rocky Mountains; and perceiving 
the great tide of emigration from the Eastern states and Europe, 
we sought out this cavern where you have found us, being 
favored by the grace of God and divine teachings:  And as you 
are now initiated into the society of the Florentinss, you will 
excuse me from attempting to relate any farther what "eye 
hath not seen nor ear heard; neither hath it entered into the 
heart of man to conceive the things which God hath prepared 
for them that love him. But God hath revealed them unto us 
by his Spirit."

1st Cor. 2:9-10    

Finis ---- an end

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